Pole Dancer’s Log


I log my struggles, their progression, and my temporary triumphs. My triumphs are temporary because pole dancing isn’t about mastering a move then another. To me, it’s about the journey to accomplishing a move –perfecting the  fundamentals then adding various entrances (getting into the move), accenting the move (simply holding the pose or making sure your body lines are neat), then variations of that move and exits out of the move. I enjoy sharing my journey: my struggles; their progression; and my temporary triumphs.

They’re logged through:

  • Journals/Note Taking
    • Notepads
    • Notepad application (cellphone)
  • Social media
    • Blogging
    • Videos
    • Photos
  • Completion Certificates
    • Garters (various colors)

I log my journey to see my where  I started, my struggles, my preferences (left hand high for peter-pan, but right hand high for boomerang) and  my progression (static pole moves or long combinations).

What is your fitness log? Social Media? A notepad app? A physical journal?

Thank you for reading.

— Jasmyn

*Experience Laughter and Love *



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