Life on my Terms

IMG_20170423_135217_919The life I live in my head allows me to do whatever I want, which includes trying a lot of new activities. This is how I’m trying to live 2017. Initially I thought it would be easy, yet in reality it’s exhausting but manageable with some planning.

Just in the first quarter I joined two firearm groups, committed to a few professional photo shoots, pole shows and added pole instructor to the mix. All of these commitments in addition to my day job and significant other, I realized there aren’t enough hours in a day or days in a week.Β  Now we’re in the second quarter, everything has calmed down a bit, which allowed me to adjust to my new self.Β Β  I’m slowly expanding my pole knowledge and skills as an instructor while obtaining my certification. And as a pole student entering my second year, my mind and body are beginning to recognize each other and work as a unit. For example, I’m acknowledging my physical strength and the capabilities my body has. It seems like my mind is starting to trust my body – It’s an amazing feeling. During these past five months I’ve learned a lot about myself, my potential and have become even more grateful of where I am in life. With the third quarter up ahead, I’m hoping to continue to grow as an instructor and student, which would hopefully open more amazing opportunities for me.

How has 2017 been treating you and what have you learned about yourself from it?

Thanks for reading.


*experience laughter and love*


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